1. The next 30 years on the Earth oil products will end – the century of planes and helicopters (for civil requirements) will end. Will gain us «devices easier air» - dirigible balloons. It is necessary to think of it already now … The first who will adjust serial production of unique dirigible balloons, becomes very rich. And I can help it with it.

2. I address to resolute publishers (or to other investors), capable to publish my treatise one volume (approximately 800 pages), including the given text in 15 basic languages of the world community. The circulation of this volume («God, the Earth Installed … and a doomsday») should be not less than 150 000 copies (it is that minimum which will satisfy requirements of the basic libraries of these countries). The given book becomes help for the persons who are studying foreign languages that also will increase its popularity.

Sincerely Levin Evgeniy