PU ¹ 86736 (Â64Â 1/00 )
«the Way of start of space rockets from a stratosphere of the Earth and the device for its realization»

Invention essence in the following. On the Earth it is loaded the space rocket into a toroidal dirigible balloon of a special design which rises (together with the rocket) on height of 18 km above sea level and there hangs. Further a dirigible balloon (together with the rocket) focus (crew) in space according to the plan of start and make rocket firing. Advantages of similar start:
1) Economy of the rocket fuel necessary for overcome by the rocket of 18 km from a surface of the Earth;
2) The gravitational attraction (calculation see in the patent specification) height of 20 km above sea level less on 0,62 H/kg that conducts to economy of rocket fuel;
3) In the first 1... 2 seconds of dispersal of the rocket in starting mine of a dirigible balloon (at the expense of situational occurrence of carrying power of a dirigible balloon) arise accelerating force (pushing) the rocket that as gives effect of economy of fuel.


Figure.1. A way of start of space rockets from a stratosphere of the Earth and the device for its realization (the scheme and start conditions):

1. A dirigible balloon (launcher)                 
2. A starting platform of a dirigible balloon                                 
3. The space rocket

 According to the scheme:

  • Launching;
  • Landing

Figure.2. Design elements of launcher (it is established on a starting platform):

1. Cover
2. Skeleton of a cover of a dirigible balloon
3. Operator's koebrug    
4. Bells conic the starting mine (top and bottom)   
5. Racks triangular (pedestals for rockets)
6. The first missile stage (with the basic pylons)          
7. Basic rocket pylons
8. Basic paws of a dirigible balloon    
9. Starting mine
10. Bellows the telescopic    
11. Bellows the one-pass
12. Engines the jet shunting   
13. Cable of a power crab
14. Power crab
15. Faceplate of the one-pass bellows

Ðà – atmospheric pressure (external).
Ðï - pressure in a cavity (inside) sections 2à dirigible balloon covers.   On figure 3 it is shown telescopic bellows 10 at the moment of the maximum lifting.