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«Stationary stratospheric station for meteo-astronomical researches».

       Already from the name of station of the patent mission of station the clear. The monitoring, the nearest to us, space about an establishment of its situational conditions which can be life-threatening on the Earth should become especially important problem of station, in my opinion.

Fig. 1 Stationary stratospheric station
 for meteo-astronomical researches E.B.Levin's designs:

1. The case                                                          
2. A cover of a dirigible balloon (rigid)              
3. Mine of ladder transition                   
4. 4à. Bells – bearing elements of mine     
5. Ladder transition                                  
6. An observatory's dome                                 
7. An optical telescope                                 
8. A rotary platform of a telescope           
9. An operator's koebrug
10.  A docking knot
11. The transitive chamber
12. A balcony for meteo-researches 
13. 13à. The bottom and top technological chambers
14. Basic paws of a dirigible balloon
15. Engines the jet shunting

Figs. 2. «A dirigible balloon – challenger» (provides communication with the Earth):

  1. A passenger-and-freight gondola                       
  2. A skeleton of a cover of a dirigible balloon                   
  3. A dirigible balloon cover                                   
  4. Lift mine                                                  
  5. Platform accepting the goods                             
  6. Homing the lift mechanism                         
  7. The transitive chamber                                       
  8. Docking knot
  9. a. Operator's koebrugs  for                       
  10. to perform the procedure docking
  11. Operator's koebrug for realization of shunting operations
  12. The engine the jet mid-flight
  13. Engines the jet shunting                
  14. Basic paws of a dirigible balloon